Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blown Away

Last night, Debbie took me to see Nickel Creek at UNC Memorial Hall. For our 1st anniversary in June, her present to me was tickets to a show of my choosing. She also took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner before the show. I was completely blown away by the show. Now, understand, I've seen a lot of live in my life, but this was un-freakin-beleivable. They genre hopped from bluegrass to classical to pop to singer-songwriter to tap-dancing to clogging rock to jazz effortlessly and played every song with complete virtuousity (both instumentally and vocally), musicianship, and showmanship. Covers (that I recognized) included: Dylan, Tom Waits, Brittany Spears, Jimmy Rogers, Randy Newman, J.S. Bach. I'd say check them out if you ever get the chance, but unfotunately they are going on indefinate hiatus after they finish their tour this month.