Monday, August 11, 2008

Washington Trip

Well, it's been almost a month since the last blog post, with lots of good reasons - we were considering a job/move out west (not happening), internet usage crackdown at work, and vacation!
We spent last week visiting the Northwest one last time sans baby, with lots of fun and activity:
  • Debbie's mom and friend Maria threw her a shower (see pictures at the baby blog).
  • Visiting Melanie in Portland (including 4 hours at the VW dealer)
  • Taking the train back to Tacoma
  • My sister and her family met us out there after a week long Alaska cruise
  • Taking my sister and fam to Mt. Rainier
  • Mariners game and visiting Tim in Seattle (every one should have a Seattle tour guide like my brother-in-law - he wore plaid, has facial hair, took us to 2 funky local restaurants and gave us a preview of one of his 3 bands' album)
  • Mt. Saint Helens (amazing-everyone should go if they get a chance)
  • Kayaking in the Puget Sound in Tacoma
  • Reuniting with Lilly the Dog