Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stephen Curry, Number 30, and Vintage Milkman Photos

The superstar of the NCAA tournament so far is Stephen Curry of Davidson. It's bittersweet for me, because it's awesome that such a fine kid from a non-traditional power is doing so great. But, he's the son of one of my childhood heroes, and he's not a Hokie (and it's not the Hokies in the Elite 8).

Growing up in the 80s in suburban Richmond, being a Hokie basketball fan was not a popular choice, but that's where my father went to school, and they were having limited success (although greatly overshadowed by the heyday of UVa basketball). The kid across the street and I played hours of backyard basketball; he usually choose to be Jeff Lamp or Othell Wilson, and I generally choose the role of Dell Curry.
Whenever I had the choice of a uniform number, I would choose #30, for both Dell and my favorite baseball player Tim Raines. I still wear number 30 for my softball team. Here are some pictures of me in intra-murals in college, circa 1992, in action and when they retired my jersey (with masking tape) at our team banquet after my senior season (we invited our girlfriends to our appartment and it was catered by KFC). Notice the Curry-like follow through (although unlike Curry I was streaky - I could can 5 jump shots in a row and not make another one for a month).

Coach Greenberg has admitted he made a mistake, but to his credit, he was the only ACC coach to make an offer (they wanted him to walk on for one year and redshirt). If Seth Curry (a HS senior this year) leads Liberty to the Sweet 16, I think Coach's 2 ACC COY awards should be revoked!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big News!

Here is our first bit of news: we have almost finished our kitchen remodel. We got hardwood floors put in throughout the first floor, new granite countertops (including a new sink, which is a great improvement), new appliances, new lighting, and a new dining room table (with chairs). I'm particularly proud of doing all the plumbing myself. Debbie's picking out paint colors for the the living room and then I think we'll be done with downstairs.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Christianity wrong about heaven?

Here's an article from Time magazine, interviewing N.T.Wright, a British theologian I've read some of in the last few years. Even though I can't say I'm all the way with him, he brings up some good and interesting points. I was speaking with some of my friends at our house church last night about a very similar thing, and then I found this article this morning. I've had the thought the last few months about how much of our "modern" Christian thought is more about Greek and Roman religion than Jesus. (i.e. God is an angry old bearded white man who thows lighting bolts at us from his throne when we mess us). I think heaven and hell are other examples. Jeff suggested to me I read Pagan Christianity, which I will have to some day, which addresses some of these things in detail.

How much more exciting is it to take part in making the world a better place (with the support of the creator of the universe) than just to sit around and hope God sucks you out of here before things get really bad?

I have been a slack blogger recently, but I promise that there will be some good stuff here in the upcoming months. I've got a huge project at work, but there are also some big projects at home, including some renovation that I'll post pictures of in the coming days.