Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lost at the Music Store

For much of my life, I've hung out at music stores. When I got my first job in high school, My first big purchase was a CD player (a monstrous boom-box type that cost me like $400) and I pretty much blew everything I made on CDs. A lonely day in college and grad school meant a walk to Books Strings and Things, Record Exchange, or School Kids. I'm trying to slowly whittle down my CD collection, but it's pretty enormous to show for all these trips.
Last night we had a great night out in Durham with our friends Jeremy and Alisa. We ate dinner at Pop's and then went to see a free concert in Brightleaf Square. While the band took a break, we headed in to Offbeat Music (one of the few record stores still left in the world, I believe). I was completely lost.
For the first time in my life, I had no idea what I would be interested in. I looked at the new Coldplay and the new John Mayer - not exactly groundbreaking choices. I listened to the new Sigur Ros (sounds like a whale giving birth) and My Morning Jacket (didn't do it for me). I kinda want the new Old 97s, but once again, not very exciting as it sounds much like the 3 Old 97 albums I have.
I guess I'm old. Every year a group of friends and I send around our top 5 albums of the year. The last 2 years, mine has been very pedestrian. This year I think I only have one new album - my brother-in-law's (which is very good, but it was given to me.)
I'm not supposed to become lame until after the kids come, right? If anyone has an album recommendation, please let me know.