Monday, April 21, 2008

The Really Big News

Well the really big news is that we're expecting! Some of you already know, but we're at the beginning of the 12th week. The ultrasounds are from the 9th week, and she/he was about 2 centimeters long at that point. The expected due date is October 30th.
Being a worrier, I'm excited but also worried. Will I be a good father? Can I raise her/him to be a respectful, graceful, peaceful, joyful person that I hope that he/she will be (especially since I fail at being these things more often than not)? For those of you who pray, say a prayer for the health of our baby and that with God's help we will be great parents.
I've also started a new blog for those who are interested in following the baby news but not my incomprehensible ramblings:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


One of the blogs I enjoy is Seth Godin's . I don't know how to describe him: internet entrepreneur, marketing guru, just a guy who thinks well. One of his posts this week was on the power of story. I think he's hit on something; the times I've been happiest and most motivated in life was when I felt I was part of a story. Twice it's been a boss that really rallied us as a team and gave us a great context for our work, once it was a dream I never thought I'd achieve but persevered and pulled it out because someone else blew their shot, once it was a church where we really thought we were building something great. Right now at work, I'm wrapping up a project that's a great story (there are many heroes, villains, teamwork, setbacks, implosions, a major comeback, relationships formed and broken). It would make a good movies if there were more chemical engineers in the world; everyone else would be pretty bored. The best movies are the ones that really have a good plot and characters. My favorite TV shows are ones like Lost or Heroes, that have an overarching and compelling story.
I just finished reading Donald Miller's Searching for God Knows What. It's one of my favorite books I've ever read. I've heard Miller speak about this concept of story as well. He thinks the Bible is full of great stories because God wants us to live great stories. I like that idea a lot. We try to make the Bible a rule book or a science text book, when really it's a collection of stories. When you become a Christian, maybe the best definition is that you're attaching your story to the story of Jesus, and maybe the acid test for genuine faith is whether or not it's taking you on great journeys.
So, I'm asking myself: What's the story of my life? Of my job? My faith? Our family? and hoping these questions will bring me to new and exciting journeys.