Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November Report

Well, another month and no blogging. It's certainly been our busiest month since we've been married. Lot's of stuff went on, and I probably won't ever be able to catch up, including several trips and the loss of a dear friend. Here's a rundown:
  • We spent a week in Tacoma visiting with Debbie's family and going to her friend Gen's wedding reception.
  • I then turned around and left for a business trip to Denmark for 5 days.
  • During my time in Denmark, our good friend Herschel passed away at 78 from an infection in his lungs. Debbie got to visit him in the hospital, but sadly, I did not. His funeral was in Missouri last week and there is a local service this Sunday. I will remember Hershell as a man of great grace and service. In a graceless world, Herschel always had a kind word of wisdom but never a ounce of judgement. Whenever Herschel asked me for help, I could never say no, because I always knew he wold never say no to me if I asked for help. I am a better person for knowing him.
  • I went to the Tech/Miami game that Saturday. The Hokies, after doing well but struggling most of the season have now won 4 straight in November (Georgia Tech, Florida State - for the first time in 12 games over 32 years, Miami, and Virginia). They've really found themselves and have hit a stride heading into a rematch with BC in the ACC Championship game this weekend. The quarterback contreversy has beem molded into a quite effective 2 QB system.
  • Wednesday night, we went to see Rob Bell's The Gods Aren't Angy Tour. I have a lot of thoughts, of course, but they'll probably perculate a little longer.
  • We spent Thanksgiving with my sisters in Corolla, NC. It was a really good, relaxing family fun time.