Saturday, May 30, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture

One thing we are trying this year is community supported agriculture. We had several friends do it last year, and it sounded like something we wanted to try. A lot of the local ones filled up early, but we got a space with one, Hilltop Farm in Willow Spring. I wanted to try it it for a several reasons:
  • We're supporting a local family farm (check)
  • We'd eat more vegetables (check, in a big way)
  • Maggie would grow up knowing that her food comes from a farm, not a grocery store (95% of her food comes from Mommie right now, but Hilltop has open houses and work days, so maybe next year we can take her there).
So far we've gotten a lot of lettuce, spring onions, and strawberries, along with some broccolli, assorted greens, and we're starting to get a more diverse mix of veggies.

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